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July 22, 2016

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Da Viva helps Fight against BREAST CANCER

October 22, 2014

The Go-Pink Benefit Concert/Dinner is designed to help raise awareness about cancer screening, early detection and provision of Free cancer screening every Friday at our centers in Surulere and Alagbado.


The Go Pink benefit concert shall also be used as platform to highlight the struggles of some of the survivors of breast cancer and celebrate the positive spirit that is helping them to overcome these challenges.



  • We want to purchase a mammogram machine so that we can offer more subsidies for women needing to do this vital test.


  • We want to purchase a vehicle to improve our ability to deliver cancer screening outreach to women living in grassroots communities.


  • We shall also raise funds to support the Foundation in its stated objective of providing care, compassion and hope to thousands of women across Nigeria.



October is the global month of breast cancer awareness, recognised officially by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the universal observation month for the No. 1 cancer that afflicts humanity.

In Nigeria, Breast cancer afflicts 1-2 in every 25 women, with risks higher in women with family history and previous or concurrent medical history of ovarian cancer and breast cancer.


Despite this alarming piece of statistics, a large number of women in Nigeria are not aware of the risks they carry, neither are they aware of how to safeguard their lives by learning simple self breast examination techniques (recommended by the WHO), nor are they attending regular cancer screening whereby the use of equipment such as breast ultrasound scan, mammography and histo-pathology can be used to detect breast cancer very early, and doctors are able to deal effectively with such lesions before it can kill.


Sadly, due to lack of awareness, poverty and general lack of availability of equipment and personnel, our women (mothers, aunties, wives, sisters and daughters, not to mention friends, brethren in church/mosques, colleagues and neighbours) are being taken away from us on a daily basis by this scourge.


A lot of women are given a diagnosis of breast cancer when they are least prepared emotionally and financially for it. The diagnosis can actually bring the woman and her family into a lot of financial difficulties. The commonly available treatment for breast cancer involves a disfiguring surgical removal of the affected breast and at times, both breasts. In addition, such women are required to undergo series of debilitating regime of chemotherapy drugs (aimed at killing the cancer cells in the system). The majority of women undergoing chemotherapy suffer from the major side-effects namely loss of hair; discolouration of fingernails and darkening of the skin. The combination of all of these can be quite distressful and life-changing for these women and families. For those in relationships, this phase can actually be very trying and may lead to fractures and the end of such relationships. A number of women (and their children) actually get abandoned by their spouses who probably get overwhelmed by the myriads of problems and issues confronting them.


Visit the GOPINK NIGERIA website to support: http://gopink.com.ng/


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